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Cajunville started with the vision of Authentic Cajun flavors, great service and a Cajun friendly atmosphere that is second nature in that culture. The Quick Serve location will feature Bayou-Blake Landry’s and Authentic Cajun Chef Robert Cormier’s recipes and commitment to high quality which will become the draw for locals seeking quick serve, authentic Cajun food in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

What To expect When Dining In
Ready-Serve QR Code

Skip the Line, use the Ready-Serve QR Code located at the door to have your order prepared without waiting in line for a cashier. Take a walk around and view what you would like to order. Ticket is closed out and paid for via your phone upon completion. We will call your name when ready.

Table-Serve QR Code

Have a Seat, Feel like dining in? Do not wait in line, go find a table and use the Table QR Code for a dine-in experience. Ticket stays open for continued ordering until you close it out.

Old School Cashier/Server

Walk around and view the different varieties of foods, then order from one of our Cashiers/Servers and they will personally prepare your order.

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11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm


11am to 9pm

*You can also order to go or delivery!